Automatic lead distribution in Bitrix24

Nowadays, Bitrix does not have a final way out, where responsible persons must be assigned manually, however RegisTeam can offer some plain options that will help to automate this process.

The first stage is to choose an appropriate distribution strategy.

These are some common options:

1. Random distribution.

On the Bitrix24 Standard and higher paid plans, you are able to create Triggers for when leads get to specific stages.
The first step is to create a new stage “For distribution”. Lead transfer will trigger the distribution strategy.

Utilize the Edit in business process designer command in the Robots section in order to generate a simple Business process. You will need 2 blocks: “Select an employee” and “Change the responsible person”.

In the first block, you have to enumerate the pool of possible responsible people from which the selection of the final responsible person will be done. You can also point out backup users.
On the second step of the Business process the selected random user becomes responsible for the current lead.
This finalizes the setup of “random distribution of responsible people”.

2. Random distribution by groups

Random distribution may be fulfilled in two ways:

  • By creating the required number of stages.
  • By adding the field “Region” to leads and employees, and then adding “Condition” blocks to the Business process.

3. Uniform distribution (the problem may be solved by utilizing Business Processes.

4. Mixed strategies (you will need a personal solution)

If you are interested in setting or implementing Bitrix24 in your business – contact us. RegisTeam is a certified partner of Bitrix24.

Lead distribution software

If you are searching for a CRM, that is followed by lead distribution process automation, you’ve achieved your goal. What is lead distribution and how does it work? You periodically receive incoming leads that need to be routed to an appropriate employee, working in your company. And you, without doubt, have all possibilities to distribute leads manually, however a considerably better solution is an automatic lead distribution based on a set number of rules, such as potential deal size.

The process of lead distribution inside Bitrix24 may be unique to a selected lead source. For instance, this process is accessible explicitly for telephony and allows you to distribute incoming calls evenly, solely by turns or on all staff members concurrently (the telephone calls to all available workers and the first person, who gets the phone, keeps on the conversation).

An equivalent distribution process is available for website live chat enquiries, and you are able to opt for another group of employees who are in charge of this communication channel. Moreover, queuing is accessible for email, social media networking sites inquiries, website forms, etc.

It is rather significant to comprehend that distribution of leads inside Bitrix24 is merely a tiny part of automatic lead processing opportunities accessible to you. You can automate diverse sales processes, such as email marketing, status change, online advertising, supervising workflows, etc.

Best Lead distribution Software of 2021

Software for application distribution optimizes the company’s opportunities in potential clients distribution among valuable trade representatives. The application tools are vital for the efficient work of the sales department. Nowadays such effective software tools that are targeted to the distribution of potential clients, as well as, functions for their distribution, built-in into popular CRM-systems.

Bitrix24 is #1 free-of-charge lead distribution software.

Bitrix24 contains all the essential CRM elements that are necessary for proper cooperation with customers and an efficient system of sales. In Bitrix24 you will have the possibility to:

  • create a deal
  • utilize a sales funnel
  • track repeated sales
  • monitor a manager’s communication for a specific client. There is also a history of interaction with the client.
  • make a call, email through the messengers inside the CRM-system, etc.

Nevertheless Bitrix24 will give you the chance to use activity streams, group chat, calendars, workgroups and other tools for coworking.
Finally, Bitrix24 service also assists to plan and complete projects on schedule.

Definition of lead routing (lead distribution) in CRM

The term lead routing, in most CRM systems, characterizes a process of incoming lead distribution among sales agents. Normally, this is an automated process.

Diverse lead distribution methods exist:

  • The most basic method is a distribution one. It assures each sales representative to obtain an equal quantity of leads.
  • The main idea of geographic distribution is to utilize such data as telephone number area code or ZIP code with a view to identify lead’s location and assign it to a person responsible for this territory.
  • Distribution by source routes the lead in accordance with the acquisition channel.
  • Distribution by role routes the lead in accordance with the sales agent’s field of expertise (Tom sells new motorbike, Emma sells used motorbike, Simon sells auto parts and handles repairs).

At the same time, custom distribution methods are supported by most lead routing software.

If you are searching for lead routing software with over 20 sales and marketing tools, consider Bitrix24 CRM.

More than 9,000,000 organizations have already chosen Bitrix24.

Lead Management

Lead management is defined as the methodology, process, and software that is used for reaching potential clients and converting them into buyers using targeted sales and marketing strategies.

A lead refers to any single person or company that could be interested in your product. This interest may be expressed through the sharing of contact details, visiting your website, homepage, etc.The process of lead management uses the information provided by a lead in order to systematically classify them and plan the action points.

Lead management is a broad area that covers almost every sales technique intended for capturing and converting leads. Although this might be done manually, it is recommended to operate with a digital platform that plugs into your website on one end and your CRM on the other end in order to generate a continuous lifecycle of data.

Understanding Lead Management

In the case you decide to utilize a digital platform, this entire process can be automated and enhanced via the use of artificial intelligence, as well as, analytics. Generally, a lead have to be:

  1. Tracked
  2. Distributed
  3. Qualified
  4. Nurtured

Bitrix24 as a free lead management system

Bitrix24 is a free application management system for business. The application itself is a potential customer, who has not acquired a product yet. Thus, an application management system is a software that contributes to the generation of applications, their processing and conversion into potential and actual clients.

A 30-day free trial version is available, as well as, a toll-free plan for initial business tools, afterwards Bitrix24 Standart paid plans are the following:

  • Special plans:
    Start+: $24 per month for 2 users
    CRM+: $69 per month for 6 users
    Project+:$69 per month for 24 users
  • Business plans:
    Standart:$99 per month
    Professional:$199 per month
    All Bitrix24 tariffs:
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