Integrating your website with Bitrix24 CRM: methods

How do I integrate Bitrix24 with WordPress?

Since WordPress is considered to be the most well-known CMS all over the world, the integration of Bitrix24 is designed so effectively that it provides all the opportunities to work with the huge number of sites.

In the previous article, dedicated to automatic lead distribution, we have already defined what Bitrix24 is and pointed to the benefits of using Bitrix24.

So, in case you are searching for the best toll-free WordPress, the best solution will be to choose Bitrix24. Here are some more advantages of using Bitrix24:

  • To begin with, no plugins are demanded and you can utilize Bitrix24 web forms in order to insert them into your WordPress site.
  • Moreover, you have the chance to integrate live chat or callback widget with your WP website quite fast. It will take you less than 1 minute and do not forget that it is absolutely free.
  • In addition, you can utilize existing WordPress CRM plugins. This will assist you to directly connect your e-commerce website to Bitrix24 CRM. And then, all orders from WordPress or WooCommerce stores will be imported to CRM automatically.

Finally, inasmuch as Bitrix24 comes with API, open source code access, support, webhook, as well as, a significant number of local partners, who are willing to help you with customization, your integration opportunities are genuinely everlasting.

In the case you need help with the creation or fine-tuning, enhancement of your site on WP or setting Bitrix24, our tight-knit RegisTeam crew will always be pleased to provide you the proper assistance, and competent consultation as well.

How to connect to WooCommerce

As a rule, the setting of integration demands the installation of additional plugins that are used to provide the setting. Whether you have issues or you need the proper consultation in this question, write to our RegisTeam crew and we will find the best solution exactly for you.

Talking about WooCommerce Bitrix24 CRM Integration, it must be mentioned that it is a Bitrix24 integration plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to send your WooCommerce orders directly to your Bitrix24 account.

Step №1: Installation
Remark: This plugin necessitates the WooCommerce plugin minimum 3.*.
WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Find “Plugins” -> “Add New”.
  2. Then click “Upload Plugin”.
  3. Next upload “Woocommerce – Bitrix24 CRM – Integration” plugin zip file.
  4. When the upload is done, activate it.

Manual upload – FTP, SSH, SFTP, etc:

  1. Now unzip “Woocommerce – Bitrix24 CRM – Integration” plugin zip file.
  2. Upload it to your “WordPress” plugin directory (usually /wp-content/plugins).
  3. Find “Admin” -> “Plugins”and then activate it.

Step№ 2: Settings in CRM

  • Go to your “Bitrix24” -> “Developer resources”. https://your_bitrix24/devops/
  • Click “Other” in the tab “Common use cases”.
  • Click “Inbound webhook”.
  • Copy value from “Webhook to call REST API”.
  • Assign permission: “CRM” and “Chat and Notifications”.
  • Click “SAVE”.

Step№ 3: CRM integration settings

  • Go to Woocommerce -> Bitrix24.
  • Insert in the field, called “Inbound web hook” copied value and then click “Check webhook”.
  • Configure the type of lead, status, and fields.
  • Save settings.

Capturing leads from web forms to Bitrix24

Nowadays exist diverse ways of capturing submitted web forms to your Bitrix24 CRM

Universal methods for any website

  1. Using Bitrix24 CRM-forms
  2. Integration via mail
  3. Integration with help of REST API

Using Bitrix24 CRM-forms

In the case you need to rapidly connect a simple form to Bitrix24, CRM forms will be the best option for it.
Your mission is merely to:

  • create a form in your Bitrix24
  • set the responsible people, then the composition of the fields and their appearance
  • place the finished code on your website

Our team considers this method the most suitable for simple cases.

Integration via mail

We can use the forms on websites in order to send emails. For instance, to inform the customers that their application has been accepted and then transfer the data they entered to your CRM.

This can be used to integrate your web form with Bitrix24.

To deal with it, you need to connect your email-box to Bitrix24. Then, set up the feedback form in such a manner that this email-box is copied (cc-ed) when sending notifications to a client.

The significant moment is that the email must be sent to the certain client who has submitted the form.

It is essential to add the email-box from which you send emails to Bitrix24 as a “user”. And solely then Bitrix24 will realize that there is no need to create a new lead for it.

The major benefit of this solution is that it is very fast to set up – the connection of your mailbox to the portal will not take a lot of time.

Integration with help of REST API

REST API is the “language” which we utilize in order to communicate with the Bitrix24 CRM( cloud and box). With the help of REST API, we can receive details about existing deals, companies, contacts, as well as, leads in the portal or create new ones.

REST API integration is the most multifaceted and powerful method as well. You can capture any data type as-is and add your own logic. For instance, ensure that a contact already exists with similar data. If that’s true, link the freshly submitted form or application to it. If not, create a contact and link the application form to it.
Perhaps the most significant advantage of utilizing REST API is the ability to get more data about the person who has submitted the form than that which they filled in.

There are quite enough advantages of integration via the REST API, however the one drawback is that it requires a programmer!

Our team recommends exactly this method in the case, when you schedule to conduct analytics, utilizing the data you capture from visitors, who have submitted forms or when you have the necessity to include some logic in the forms.

Integration of Bitrix24 forms with a Bitrix site

If you have built your site on Bitrix, the chances that the integration will be rapid and simple are quite high. If you want to ensure it, you need to check how the feedback forms were made. Lucky you if you find them under Services / Web Forms.

To integrate the form with your CRM, you need to specify the employee’s login and password. This employee must have access to the CRM. If everything conforms, you configure the corresponding fields.

Do not forget to specify that all fields in the outcome are copied to the comment. Thereby, nothing will be lost.

The configuration takes about 10 minutes. Afterwards, all submitted forms will create Bitrix24 leads.

Our team considers this method to be rather quick and trouble-free as well.

Integration of Bitrix with an online store

Such stuff as transferring data from orders of an online store to a CRM system is rather widespread. The process is obvious, however not easy. The tricky moment is that an order is a composite entity. Together with the order information, data about the buyer and the goods is transmitted. In addition, exchange of order statuses is ordinarily required.
If you add marketing and statistics for end-to-end analytics , it will cause even more interest.
Here is a scheme :

  1. The buyer places an order online;
  2. Our team checks whether such a buyer exists in Bitrix24 or not;
  3. We check if Bitrix24 has such products available;
  4. If there is already existing buyer or product, first we create them;
  5. Next step is that we create a deal in Bitrix24 and link the buyer and products to it;
  6. We add all the necessary information to the deal;
  7. When the status of a deal in Bitrix24 changes, the notifications about this are sent to the customer;
  8. When the status of the transaction in Bitrix24 changes, we change the order status on the website.

There are several methods how to achieve the integration:

  • A universal method

The main idea of the universal method is to elaborate a module alongside the online store. Over again, the Bitrix24 REST API becomes effective.Utilizing the capacities of the CMS system on which your online store is designed, we control the order event and initiate sending data about it to Bitrix24. In parallel, we send marketing information and check whether the buyer already exists in Bitrix24.

  • A quick method

This method involves the use of e-mail.
When an order has been placed by the buyer, an email confirming the order is sent to him.All the necessary data must be indicated in the body of the email. The company’s email-box is placed in a hidden copy of such a letter. Major point is that this email-box must be connected to Bitrix24.
Then, new leads will be created by new emails (in Bitrix24).

  • Integration of an online store on Bitrix with Bitrix24

Orders from online stores are transferred to Bitrix24 in the form of transactions with a contact attached to them. The goods also can be transferred. At a glance, everything is clear and looks cool, however there are some particular moments.
If you try to follow the product link, you will see a red message with words “product not found”. This means that even though the product was created, however, there is no access to it. This is owing to the limitations of the cloud version.
It would seem that there is no access to the product and it’s normal – we can see the name, the price, however we will face particular difficulties if we want to transfer this order to another department.
In addition, change of order statuses is a famous request that cannot be achieved with the help of this method.

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