We help the business to grow and find new customers
Digital marketing for both small business and medium-sized business from the team with a decade-long experience of specialization on PPC and SEO

Digital Marketing Agency

The winner is not the marketer, who knows a million “tricks”, but the one, who studies his partner’s business and at the same time knows perfectly the most efficient tools.

For us these tools have become SEO and PPC. Which means the traffic attraction from the organic search and throw the paid channels.

But we are not solely marketers. We help our clients in business development. Thanks to our experience, we can help with your site’s usability, recommend the most optimal CRM-system or advise on how to optimize the site’s support.

Check it by yourself! We will analyze your site or the advertising campaign. We will reply within two days if we are able to help and in what exactly
Our guidelines
We enhance our potential not in “breadth”, however in “depth”
Expert knowledge in the most effective digital marketing directions make it possible to achieve higher results, than superficial mastery of all available tools. We analyze diverse methods, though examine and utilize in depth only those, in which effectiveness we are confident in.
We invest in the development and topicality of knowledge
All our specialists are recertified annually in their proficiency of advertising systems, they also take an internal testing. The company covers all the costs for the attendance of the main specialized activities and trainings on a yearly basis
We are growing, keeping our flexibility as boutique’s agency speed as well
We make decisions rapidly without wasting time on extra workflow or bureaucracy. Likewise we maintain a free atmosphere inside our company without any formalities, that raises efficiency of complete to-dos
Our Projects

For more than 10 years yet the Digital agency Regis Team has been assisting companies to compete successfully and make profit, implementing in their business efficient digital-decisions.

certificated specialists
big-time projects
countries we work with
Increasing the number of clients for an outsourcing call center Connectic
Launch an advertising campaign on Facebook: generating over 100 leads per month at a cost of up to $33


number of applications for the second month


outperformance of the plan by applications


cost per application
Promotion of engineering equipment for energy industries
Increase the number of keywords in the TOP10 of Google, increase the amount of targeted traffic to the site from organic search.


number of keywords in the TOP-10

from 671 to 1 523

the amount of traffic per month has increased
Online shop of professional photo and video equipment
Increase the number of keywords in the TOP10 of Google, increase the amount of targeted traffic to the site from organic search.


the amount of traffic per month has increased

from 4% to 73%

increase of project visibility in the organic search results


keywords in TOP-3
Promotion of a food delivery company
The client set a goal of getting 325 orders using paid ads


orders quantity
per first month


cost per order
Яндекс Директ
40% of our clients come to us
by recommendation of other clients


SEO promotion
What do we do:
We analyze the site, correct technical bugs and promote by validated list of benchmark requests.
The result:
The site arises in TOP of searchers , the organic traffic is growing.
Price from:
from 900$
Search Engine Advertising
What do we do:
We select semantics, configure analysis systems, as well as, aims in them. We also tune in and launch advertising companies, analyze and check the correct work of the entire system.
The result:
Target visitors, who make purchases and order your services.
Price from:
advertising budget
from 500$
agency services
YouTube promotion
What do we do:
We elaborate both content and marketing strategy. Then we create, process/issue, and optimize the channel. After all launch our advertisement.
The result:
Interested audience, that becomes channel’s followers and company’s customers.
Price from:
advertising budget
from 500$
agency services
years of experience
advertising specialists
Commercial Director
Head of project management department
Head of SEO Department
Head of Content Projects Department
Head of Internet Advertising Department
Head of Sales Department
Own person in the agency
A personal project manager will be appointed to work with you directly and be responsible for following the strategy, current tasks, monthly results and plans

Not just a standard digital agency

Digital advertising and SEO are very useful if you need to acquire your first customers, to survive in a highly competitive market. But in order to scale dynamically in the future, it is necessary to create a reliable structure that is suitable for expansion and growth.
After all, when a business grows, with it grows the amount of data that needs to be controlled. You need a system that will collect, correlate and turn this data into visual statistics to help you make important decisions.
For this purpose, we offer our customers to integrate Zoho CRM into their business.To collect in one place all the important information about customers and their processing, track the life cycle of transactions, the effectiveness of all advertising campaigns, organize the work of staff, customer retention and development. When this is done properly – you can grow tremendously.
And on top of that, SEO and paid advertising start to make a lot more profit. The business grows steadily, and the owner can focus on strategic and important tasks.

We help the business to grow and find new customers.
Here’s what we do.

Alex Benedychuk
CEO Regis Team

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