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What You Will Get

  1. Development of a promotion strategy
  2. Organic traffic growth
  3. Website conversion increase
  4. Cost-per-lead decrease
  5. Reports on each stage of work performed

SEO promotion results

The only objective measure of effective SEO website promotion is sales increase.

1 500 000+
keywords were analyzed by our SEO experts
websites of different business areas got to the top of Google search results
countries we have been working with
Promotion of the hardware online store
To increase the number of targeted keywords the website is ranked for on Google TOP 10 and to drive more targeted traffic to the site.


of conversions


order price


keywords ranked in TOP-10
Promotion of engineering equipment for energy industries
Increase the number of keywords in the TOP10 of Google, increase the amount of targeted traffic to the site from organic search.


number of keywords in the TOP-10

from 671 to 1 523

the amount of traffic per month has increased
Online store of professional photo and video equipment
To increase the number of keywords ranked for on Google TOP, to boost targeted organic traffic.


increase in organic traffic per month

from 4% to 73%

increase of website visibility in organic search results


keywords ranked in TOP-3
Promotion of commercial equipment online store
To increase the number of relevant keywords the website is ranked for, to improve the visibility in TOP10 keyword ranking and to boost targeted traffic


organic traffic

+20 000



keywords ranked in TOP-3

We are experts in 15+ business areas

Online shopping
Household Appliances / Clothing / Housewares
  • Online store "Battle"
  • Online store "Blaze"
  • Online store Electric Drift
  • Store "Mastershina"
Consulting services / Outsourcing / Legal services / CRM
  • "Connecticcall" Call Center
  • Optimalkommunikation
  • Tetherview
Medical centers / Dentistry / Beauty salons
  • Medical Center "ViClinics"
  • Medical clinic Chiclinics
  • Medical clinic Stanfordmedical
  • Clinic "Materna"
Manufacturers / Factories
  • Production company Ankort
  • Production company CHT
  • "Khimiya i Tekhnologii"
We know how to improve your business efficiency

Want to get to the top?

Market study
We perform a market analysis and check of your website current position on Google search results
Website optimization
We fix all technical errors, create a high-quality content and improve external optimization
SEO performance evaluation
We use web analytics data to track the results
Competitors analysis
We thoroughly study the market, in order to find the strengths and weaknesses of promotion strategies of your main competitors
Website improvement
We optimize the structure, interface, functionality so that to improve website usability and make it search engine-friendly
Regular report
We provide a progress review and decide on a further strategy
SEO pricing guide
Website promotion to the TOP
What we do
We study the market, observe the main trends. Analyze the strategies of competitors, identify strengths and weaknesses. We develop a promotion plan and optimize the site, taking into account your competitive advantages
What you will get
  • TOP10 keyword ranking on Google organic search results
  • visual standing out from competitors customer loyalty
  • continuous traffic growth sales increase
from 900$
Traffic increase
What we do
We optimize the site by increasing the number of keywords the website is ranked for in order to reach the target audience
What you will get
  • growth of website traffic
  • increase of conversions
  • boost of sales and increase of regular customers
from 900$
In-Depth SEO Audit
What we do
We perform a complex audit of the site, find and eliminate the reasons your website ranks low.
What you will get
  • website that is friendly for users and search engines
  • website that is ranked for target keywords in Google's top
  • organic traffic, new customers and orders increase
from 900$
Internal optimization
What we do
We optimize the site structure, fill sections, pages, product cards with high-quality content using target keywords. We fix technical errors that hurt your website’s ranking.
What you will get
  • TOP ranked website
  • traffic boost
  • increase of conversions and sales
from 900$


How Much Does SEO Cost?

Factors that affect the timing and cost of SEO services:
Website age
Competitiveness of the field
Number of pages on a website
Compliance with search engines requirements
Constantly changing search engine algorithms
How quickly client make changes to the site
years of experience
advertising specialists
Commercial Director
Head of project management department
Head of SEO Department
Head of Content Projects Department
Head of Internet Advertising Department
Head of Sales Department
⚡ What is seo and why is it important?

SEO or search engine optimization is an effective way to attract visitors to the site and convert them into buying consumers. High-quality search engine optimization improves the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. The higher your website rank, the more visitors you will attract and the more sales you will get.

⭐ How long does SEO take?

The length of time it takes to see results from SEO depends on factors:

  • Domain age. The younger the website, the more time it will take us to promote it.
  • SEO readiness: how well the semantics is selected and the content is optimized; whether the site contains technical errors; whether the website falls under search engine filters; does it have enough backlinks?

For example, if the website is more than 1 year old, it will take us from 3 to 6 months to promote it for low-frequency keywords.

✅ What does the service of SEO promotion include?

Search engine optimization is a set of techniques to improve the website’s visibility in search results and to get your website on the first page of Google. To achieve the desired result, we do the following:

  • Technical audit. Defining of technical errors;
  • Usability audit.  Check of website convenience for users;
  • External optimization. Increasing the quantity and quality of inbound links;
  • Internal optimization. Improving the website structure, building a semantic core, filling pages with right content;
  • Analytics. Systematic check of the website indexing quality and its positions in the search results for keywords with high, medium and low frequency;
  • Works on maintaining and improving the results achieved.
⏩ How long does it take to promote a website?

To obtain a stable search traffic, SEO should be a constant and continuous process, including checking the quality of website indexing, updating the semantic core in time and improving the content in accordance with it, and increasing backlinks. It is also necessary to track the changes of search engine requirements to be updated in time and keep ahead.

⭐ What affects the cost of SEO?

The price of SEO depends on the amount of work needed for optimization of the website, so the better a website is initially built, the cheaper its promotion. Usually, to prepare the site for search engine optimization, we perform the following:

  • Performing complex audit. Checking the website’s readiness for promotion in search engines;
  • Fixing technical errors identified during the audit, creating an appropriate website structure, optimizing the usability;
  • Building the semantic core and creating an optimized content;
  • Increasing backlinks.

There is a big team of specialists, such as programmers, seo-specialists, web analysts, copywriters that are going to improve your website.

Another factor that affects the cost of promotion is the number of pages (sections) for which you want to be promoted. Each page needs to be optimized separately. Accordingly, the more sections or pages you want, the higher total price of promotion will be.

We will quote the cost of SEO promotion of your site after performing the audit, which you can order for free right now!

To get a free SEO audit report fill out the following form and we’ll get in touch with you!

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