Case Study: 7 Biggest Mistakes Harming Your Ranking. How To Promote an Industrial Company?


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Heat exchangers manufacture
Niche features: A narrowly focused topic aimed at attracting manufacturing companies


April 2021 – present time


– increase the number of applications from the website (including from new regions);
– improve the conversion rate.

In this case study we will explain why technical SEO is a great deal in 2022.

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines in order to improve organic rankings. Important elements of technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering and website architecture.

Website audit of the manufacturing company

Сomplex audit revealed a range of problems that didn’t allow the site to take top keyword positions.

Initial data on the project:

  • Multiple technical errors identified by the preliminary SEO audit
  • Poor site structure
  • Low quality pages
  • Text optimization problems
  • Untargeted site traffic. Due to the fact that the major activity of the project is manufacturing of heat exchangers for production, the lack of a well-built semantic core has led to the fact that the main users of the site are customers who need heat exchangers for domestic needs only.

Below you can see harmful SEO mistakes:

Mistake No.1: The main page was not optimized for priority requests, the content on the page and metadata are two different clusters of keywords that should be promoted on 2 landings.

It was necessary to start with collecting the correct semantics and optimizing the pages based on it.

Mistake No. 2: Category pages were optimized for keywords, intent of which had a too broad match.

For example, the heading that took part in the ranking had too broad match in h1.

Key categories that should provide traffic from organic search did not have enough informative content, search engines poorly ranked pages with useless and uninformative content.

Mistake No.3: There were mistakes in page markup (structured data).

Mistake No.4: The structure was not designed well in comparison with competitors. While competitors had optimized filter pages.

In order to increase the number of keywords which the website is ranked by and to create additional entry points to the website, the main strategy of promotion of this website was to expand the semantic core and implement tagging.

Mistake No.5: There was lack of correct optimization of language versions.
The content was not uploaded and the metadata was partially missing on the other language versions of the website.

Mistake No.6: Inconsistent increase of backlinks.

We analyzed the quality of link profile of this project and revealed that external promotion is irregular and inconsistent. We found the obvious growth spurts on the graph of the link profile dynamics, that showed high rise in 2017 and a huge drop in 2019. In addition, links were placed on donor websites of poor quality.

Our recommendations was to increase the backlinks of the site gradually and continuously and to focus on external promotion of the website.

Mistake No.7: Non-unique content.
In summary, technical SEO optimization for the site consisted of the following steps:

  • development of a more effective strategy for promoting the project in Google
  • detailed analysis of the main competitors
  • preparation of technical assignments for programmers in order to fix all errors
  • website text optimization
  • rebuilding of the semantic core in which commercial keywords generate relevant traffic
  • сreating unique content for the main categories
  • spam links removal
  • development of a link profile optimization strategy
  • development of a new structure for creating new categories


Keywords positions in search engine results according to the Topvisor tool.

Before the start of cooperation (22/06/2021):

Dynamics during the cooperation (25/10/2021):

Traffic dynamics according to Serpstat tool:

Dynamics of conversions (cooperation period compared to the same period last year):

Organic traffic changes for the entire period of cooperation:

At first sight the traffic graphs may not bring you a wow-effect, as our other cases, BUT let’s take into account the fact that this is not a project for a wide audience, this is a manufacturer whose products are used for production, not domestic needs. Besides, due to the building the correct semantic core, we managed to optimize the flow of only target users, and cut off those who are looking for a heat exchanger, for example, in a household heating boiler. Therefore, an 11.5% increase in traffic compared to the previous year is quite worthy results. At this stage of cooperation, we have just begun to implement new pages.

For this purpose, we found new appropriate semantic keywords related to industrial heat exchangers that are not included in the current structure. And it is planned to create 16 more traffic-generating categories on the site.


Whether you have a brand new website or one that exists for a while, it’s likely that you may face some technical SEO problems that could lower your website ranking. The good news is that most SEO technical issues can be fixed with a simple upgrade so you can see the benefits as quickly as possible.

The best way to identify any technical issues on your site is to have a technical SEO audit. The SEO specialist can then fix the technical issues that prevent your site getting traffic. A good SEO specialist will save you time and help you avoid expensive mistakes.

So why is technical SEO so important?

Technical SEO is important because it ensures that your website is easy to navigate and doesn’t have technical problems that prevent search engines from understanding and ranking it. Technical SEO should be implemented in order to attract organic traffic and turn it into customers. But you should not underestimate the importance of external optimization, seo promotion is primarily an integrated approach.

There is a range of reasons your company need to improve your website’s technical SEO:

  1. Technical SEO affects your ranking in search results.
  2. Technical SEO affects the actions and decisions your website visitors make.
  3. Technical SEO affects your website’s conversion rate, lead generation and sales.
  4. Technical SEO helps your business compete with competitors who also use SEO.
  5. Technical SEO increases SEO ROI

RegisTeam is welcome to carry out the following types of optimization for each project without exception:

  • Internal optimization
  • External optimization
  • White hat (natural) optimization
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