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How to promote a local UAE (Dubai) business using SEO?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai in particular, are favorable grounds for the development of businesses, both for native residents and immigrants. As a result, new businesses in Dubai are regularly emerging, leading to high levels of competition in the market. The success of your business depends on how well you promote your goods or services. Local SEO in Dubai can help you establish and generate good profits from your business, and this is a service offered by RegisTeam. With extensive experience in promoting projects of various themes in this region, we are well acquainted with the peculiarities of conducting business in Dubai. We will therefore offer you develop strategies that are sure to work.

Everything you need to know about SEO in Dubai

Newcomers and those who have just moved to Dubai may face difficulties due to their lack of knowledge of local rules and laws. Despite the active adoption of Western culture, the population of the United Arab Emirates highly values its own customs and lives by its own rules, which must be taken into account when doing business in the UAE. At the same time, Dubai can rightfully be called the heart of the online market of the kingdom, as over 90% of the population regularly makes purchases online. This opens up practically limitless opportunities for online promotion, but only with the help of competent digital marketing. To actively sell, it is not enough to just create a website and optimize it for Google’s requirements. It is necessary to thoroughly understand SEO for local businesses, and our team is ready to provide full support for your project on the Internet.

Before launching your own business in the UAE, you need to know a few facts about e-commerce in the kingdom, and our local SEO company is sharing them with you:
Internet coverage is 95%. For comparison: on average worldwide, this figure is 59%. Therefore, any, even the smallest business, must be represented on the web.
About 70% of users search for goods and services through a mobile device, and more than half of the population regularly places orders from a smartphone. Therefore, having a website adapted for different gadgets is a mandatory condition.
The population of the UAE actively uses social networks (one of the highest engagement rates in the world), so local SEO services should be combined with SMM to achieve the best results.

The media has a great influence in the country, and press releases are a really important source of information about companies. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to writing content for placement on external sources – this is not only a way to increase the link mass, but also an opportunity to shape the brand’s reputation and increase its recognition.
Residents of the UAE mainly speak Arabic and English, especially in Dubai, which serves as a kind of bridge between Western and Eastern cultures. Therefore, website multilingualism is one of the conditions for its promotion.

These are just the basic rules to remember when developing a business in this Middle Eastern country. The local SEO agency RegisTeam knows in detail what needs to be done for successful promotion. We are aware of all local laws, so you don’t have to worry about being fined or punished for unknowingly violating the rules.

How does SEO work?

Promoting a business through this channel involves meticulous work on the internet resource, as a result of which it rises up in search results and attracts organic traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) generally includes:

  • Creating content that is useful for users and optimized for search engines. This includes product descriptions, texts on target pages and blogs, as well as media content such as images, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Fixing technical errors, and improving the quality of the website to make it user-friendly.
  • Proper use of internal and external links to form a correct link profile.

These are not all the aspects that are encompassed in the concept of search engine optimization. Additionally, it is important to understand that SEO is not an instant process, and it usually takes several months from the start of work to see the first results. Our SEO services in Dubai are based on a comprehensive approach: our specialists carefully analyze your website, taking into account local specifics, and if necessary, combine SEO with other marketing channels to achieve the best results.

Best SEO Practices for Dubai Promotion

In this section, we will take a closer look at how we work on promoting websites online. These methods are an excellent solution for local SEO, as well as for developing businesses across the entire country.


Gathering and Clustering a Semantic Core

  1. Keywords or queries are the words and phrases that a user enters into the search bar when looking for a product, service, or reference information. Based on their presence in the textual blocks on the pages, search engine robots understand that the site corresponds to the person’s interests and display it in the results. The better the site is optimized and the more it meets the user’s intent, the higher it will rank in the search results.

Keywords SEO

Queries can be high-frequency or low-frequency. The first group includes general phrases consisting of a minimal number of words and not implying specificity, such as “buy a phone”. The second group includes more precise queries reflecting a specific user intent, such as “black iPhone 12”. High-frequency keywords allow you to reach a wider audience, while low-frequency ones hit the target accurately, so they need to be properly combined on the page to achieve balance and good results.

  1. Preparing high-quality content that meets the requirements of search engines is important. The keywords that we gather for our projects must be carefully integrated into various types of content on the page. The quantity of keywords is also important; too many queries can irritate users and be perceived by search engines as spam. Therefore, we include only the number of keywords necessary for ranking and add thematic phrases. Additionally, regularly maintaining a blog and publishing it on third-party platforms can contribute to website promotion, which also requires writing articles. To keep users’ attention, it is recommended to diversify the textual content with videos, infographics, and images – all of which should also be present on the website.

content SEO

When preparing a technical assignment for copywriters to write informational articles for our blog or external placement, we thoroughly study the topic, analyze competitors, and see which aspects they have covered and what they have missed. Based on this, we create an approximate plan for an article that will answer all user questions, be genuinely helpful, and rank high in search results.

  1. Content structuring. Both users and search engines dislike solid blocks of text. Therefore, we use headings of different levels, which make it easy to transition from one section to another and allow visitors to quickly skim through the page’s contents.
  2. Internal linking. This is the placement of links to other sections of your website – useful information, related products, recommendations, etc. The presence of internal links helps search engines scan and index pages. It is also a way to increase user engagement and keep them on the site.
  3. External links. These are links to your website placed on third-party platforms (donors). They also contribute to the promotion of your resource in Google, but only if the donors are of high quality and have a good reputation. At RegisTeam, we work with the best platforms that we have personally vetted.
  4. Optimization of meta tags – title and description. The title reflects the essence of the page, while the description is a brief summary of the content. When creating them, we use keywords but do not overuse them. We make the sentences concise and unique and may use additional elements where appropriate (such as contacts, emojis, etc.) to attract attention.

Optimization of meta tags SEO

  1. Image optimization. There are three main parameters that matter: format, image size, and alt description. The format and size directly affect the site loading speed, which affects the user’s decision to stay or leave the page. Therefore, we aim for optimal values without losing the quality of the illustration. Alt description is the text that will appear instead of the image if, for some reason, it does not load. Based on the text, the user and search engine will understand what should be there.

This is the foundation that we follow when promoting any project. Our company offers the best SEO services in Dubai, with the development of an individual strategy and taking into account the peculiarities of your business.

How does local SEO work?

Let’s start with the definition of local SEO. It is the promotion of a business online that allows the website to appear in the results of local searches. This means that when a user searches for something nearby, such as a car wash, restaurant, or any store, the results will include websites of businesses located in the immediate vicinity of the person (in their area). According to statistics, over 70% of users visit the object of interest offline within 24 hours of finding it online. Therefore, local SEO for small and large businesses will be a reasonable solution if you want active development.

As we have already mentioned, in Dubai, like in other major cities, there is a high level of competition, especially when it comes to local businesses. Therefore, it is essential to optimize your website for local search to get organic traffic and have more conversions.

The RegisTeam, as an expert in local SEO, follows the following algorithm when promoting projects:

  • Creating and optimizing a business profile on Google. The Google My Business tool allows you to create a unique business card for your business online with basic information that appears in local searches and maps. This includes a brief description, logo or photo, location on the map, contacts, hours of operation, reviews, frequently asked questions, and more. In the administrative panel, you can add keywords that your enterprise will be ranked for in local search, as well as configure other settings required for local SEO on Google.

optimizing a business profile on Google

We recommend regularly checking and updating the information in your business profile to keep it relevant for users. For example, if your business hours or contact phone number have changed, make sure to update them.

  • Optimization of the website. This is a mandatory requirement for local businesses to promote themselves through SEO channels. We have described the main steps earlier, so we will not repeat them.
  • Brand reputation management. It involves a comprehensive approach, which includes preliminary analysis, strategy formation, and work on it. This includes creating professional content, writing press releases, working on reviews (real interaction with users, answering their questions, and immediate response to negativity, motivating customers to share their opinions about services and products), shooting videos (such as product reviews), active presence and communication with the audience on social networks, and more.

For each project, we offer individual solutions for local SEO that will show maximum efficiency in your specific case.

How a professional SEO agency will help you sell?

If you are planning or already launching a business in the UAE, you cannot do without the services of a professional agency. Local laws and customs differ significantly from those in the Western world, and their violation can lead to a minimum of blocking in the search engine and a maximum of criminal punishment. Our team is aware of local specifics, and this is just one of the reasons why it is worth working with us.

Why else do you need a local SEO company?

Large volumes of digital marketing tasks due to high competition. If you try to promote your business yourself, you will not succeed because you won’t have time to do everything.

Experience. We have a large number of completed projects under our belt, so we know exactly how to act to promote your business.
Cost savings compared to hiring a separate employee. Some companies prefer to hire an in-house specialist, but this approach has more cons than pros. First of all, they don’t gain experience or test new local SEO strategies, as they are occupied with other projects. Secondly, it involves regular expenses for salary, vacation, sick leave, etc. Payment to an agency is more profitable, and there is no downtime due to illness or time off.

Why use digital marketing when doing business in the UAE?

Why use digital marketing when doing business in the UAE?

As we have already indicated, the United Arab Emirates is one of the leaders in using the internet to search for goods and services. Therefore, having an online presence here is a prerequisite for developing a business in almost any niche (except those prohibited by law). Online promotion will allow you to attract more customers while spending less money than traditional offline marketing, resulting in higher conversion rates and income.

If you need quality SEO services to develop your business in the UAE, contact our managers. Let’s discuss the project, develop a strategy, and start implementing it as soon as possible.

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