Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you need to systematically increase the amount of site`s traffic, then you need to develop the platform comprehensively. There are many different methods, but we, as an experienced digital agency with more than 10 years in marketing, have created a guide on the most relevant recommendations for web boosting. In general, for traffic growth, it`s worth paying attention to several key areas:

  • SEO promoting;
  • increasing site usability quality;
  • applying Google Ads paid traffic channels or paid traffic from Facebook Ads social networks;
  • conducting regular giveaways;
  • using the services of bloggers and influencers, and so on.

Of course, it makes sense to apply not the whole huge set of recommendations, but to choose those techniques that suit the specifics of your site. If you need some help, just leave a request and RegisTeam specialists will contact you. And now let’s look at the top methods to increase traffic!

The “Upside Down” Guest Post

Let’s be honest: when you read a post itself, you aren`t interested in the biography of its author and connected links. And if the block with information about creator is located after the article, then the probability that it will be clicked is close to zero. In order for readers to respond to links and the number of website visitors to increase, it`s enough to use the “Upside Down” guest post method.

Try to apply it in the following way:

  • Create a regular post.
  • Be sure to add a block of “Useful resources” information with a couple of articles on similar topics.
  • Indicate your content for which you need to increase web traffic as first one in the list of “Useful resources”.

This will significantly increase the traffic to your resource, compared to the usual site`s indication in the informational block about the article`s author. You can learn more about guest posting from the video guide:

Overhaul & Upgrade Old Blog Posts

Modern trends force information to quickly lose relevance. So, you obviously should change and update it time to time, because:

  1. First, no external site will want to link to an outdated resource.
  2. Secondly, if the portal offers up-to-date information, then user loyalty increases. They understand that content is created not for the sake of creating content, but in order to share new information.

If you decide to check traffic in website and notice that it has dropped critically, then you should:

  • check the data`s relevance;
  • add new images or videos;
  • replace outdated information with new facts;
  • expand the article if necessary.

The next step is to update the post. Probably, the traffic will increase and you can check it yourself using Google Analytics.

Use “Click to Tweet” Links

Click-To-Tweet is one of the most effective methods that will increase web site popularity and get a lot of reposts. How can this technique be applied?

  1. Add something to your content that can be super interesting or even startling to the reader. For example, some hints, detailed statistics or even a quote.
  2. Use the ClickToTweet service to generate a custom link (check screenshots below).
  3. Be sure to include the resulting link in the article.

And now each reader can easily share the received information on Twitter, while simultaneously promoting web site traffic for you.

Optimize Your Content with LSI Keywords

Search engines don`t stand still: simple SEO is no longer enough to optimize content. Robots have become so smart that they crack through mediocre materials spammed with keywords. Now every post should be optimized with LSI words to increase traffic to website.

Generally, it`s a technique for creating texts based on synonyms and relevant keywords. Such words are similar in meaning to those that the user types in the search bar. For example, for the main query “buy flowers”, “bouquets delivery” or “florist services” can be used as LSI.

Get More Traffic via “Content Transformation”

Sometimes readers have to postpone even the most interesting post due to rush or lack of time. However, if this post was presented as an infographic, then perhaps users would have enough time to study it and follow the link… And from this thought another great method for driving traffic to web site has emerged.

Authors of posts and articles can effectively use content transformation to attract attention by converting:

  • a long article in a convenient PDF file for download;
  • a regular post in an infographic picture;
  • a video in a small detailed for Twitter;
  • an article in a podcast and so on.

All people perceive information differently: audials prefer to listen, but visuals prefer to explore data with their eyes. Make sure that each potential client can get information in a convenient way.

Go On Podcasts

And again, we continue the topic of different types of perception of information. Agree, it is difficult to absorb textual information when you are driving or doing household chores — but listening to podcasts at this time is quite real! So, if you’re wondering how to get traffic to your website, you can visit popular bloggers’ podcasts as a guest.

In addition to communicating with your interlocutor, you should definitely pay attention to such techniques:

  • ask users to subscribe to your resource;
  • ask for feedback on your resource/service/product after use in exchange for a discount;
  • advertise upcoming contests, giveaways;
  • do not forget to ask the podcast author to add a link to your resource under the video.

These simple methods will allow you to effectively increase the activity on your platform after visiting a podcast as a guest. By the way, the popularity of such content is constantly growing —do not miss the chance to simply and quickly enlarge traffic to your resource!

Promote Your Site with Blogger Outreach

Every day people spend more and more time on the Internet and social networks, so they have become well versed in the content they see on a daily basis. So, any professional marketer knows that bloggers can help drive traffic to website. Overall, influencer marketing is gaining momentum thanks to the skyrocketing growth of eCommerce and digital channel budgets.

Therefore, this potential can be perfectly used, especially in combination with tools such as:

  • paid media;
  • content marketing;
  • SEO and PR.

To get a great result from working with bloggers, you need to follow these recommendations:

  • define the specific goal you want to achieve to set the most accurate task for influencers;
  • choose social networks in which it is easiest to find a potential client;
  • choose an analytics platform for bloggers that will provide you with accurate data on influencers and tools to optimize your work;
  • treat bloggers as partners, not mere performers, consult with them about the presentation of your website.

Additionally, you don’t have to constantly work with bloggers that are as similar as possible to each other — test new formats! Try to work with influencers who have something in common with the audience of your products or services.

The Content Relaunch Strategy

This technique for attracting traffic for website is a similar to the already mentioned one about updating content. However, it is not enough to simply replace old information with actual facts! You need to treat the content like a brand-new post. What is worth doing?

  • Add new information.
  • Update outdated data.
  • Add more infographics.
  • Be sure to send a notification to your subscribers about a fresh article, as you would with the next new publication.
  • If you have related social media accounts, post excerpts from the new post there and provide a link where readers can read the full content.

Thus, users who have already seen the article will be able to get up-to-date data. Those readers who have not seen this content before will receive new information.

Create Content That Appeals to Influencers

Another interesting recommendation: check which topics are considered viral and discussed and adjust your publications to such subject. Collect information and present it in the most convenient way — for example, infographics will fit perfectly and will be easily distributed.

Thus, the chances are high that influencers will notice your content and share it with their followers. To increase the possibilities that well-known bloggers will pay attention to the created content, you can make a personalized newsletter.

Share Videos on LinkedIn

A couple of years ago, the percentage of regular users of LinkedIn was much less than now. These days the portal is very popular and continues to become even more in demand. So be sure to share your video content and provide a link to your resource so that the website traffic check gives amazing results.

Host a Giveaway Contest

You know people just can’t get past free stuff, right? Another effective technique for attracting an audience includes giveaways. However, make them work for you by including in the conditions of participation:

  • resource subscription;
  • repost content to a personal page;
  • invite 1-5 friends.

Also, be sure to ask contest winners to make video reviews or write comments about your resource to get even more feedback.

Add “Share Triggers” To Your Content

When users really like content, they will definitely want to discuss it with like-minded people. And if you do not take care of convenient trigger buttons (“Share” or “Post in Twitter”, etc), then readers will probably just screenshot your posts, and this will not be able to positively affect traffic on websites ranking.

Retarget Visitors with Facebook Ads

Of course, advertising on Facebook is not cheap. However, you can use a convenient loophole in the form of retargeting:

  1. Create a promotional post (content with a link redirecting a user to a specific blog post).
  2. Ensure you’re targeting users who have visited your site over the past couple of months.
  3. Start promotion.

If you compare the price for such a promotion with other types of advertising, like Google AdWords, then you will be surprised by the low cost of such high-quality traffic site optimization.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Visitor bounce is a very important parameter when ranking a site by search engines. You can find out a specific percentage quite simply using analytical tools:

The optimal bounce rate should be within 30%-50%. To reduce the percentage that is too high, you need to make sure that the site is responsive, conduct A/B testing, improve usability and content marketing planning.

Publish Long-Form Content

According to statistics from BuzzSumo, long articles are 208% more popular than short posts —users are obviously more willing to share detailed content than brief one. So, it is best to make your content at least 1000 words to attract the potential audience.

Optimize for Google’s Mobile-First Index

At the moment, mobile platforms are much more popular than a web resource for a PC or laptop, so Google first of all evaluates the portable version. So, if you are interested in how to drive traffic on your website, be sure to use the Mobile-Friendly Test to find out how your portal is optimized for modern trends.

Create an Active YouTube Channel

The more social networks and platforms involved, the better for traffic flow! YouTube is considered the second most searched resource on the Internet after Google, so create your own channel and post podcasts and video reviews there to get the best feedback.

Publish Viral Content

Viral content is information that spreads over the Internet at a progressive rate by means of transmission from user to user (according to the word-of-mouth principle). Viral content attracts traffic, helps promote and cite the brand, and encourages people to be active! Such posts can include memes adapted to your brand, useful life hacks, critical news — these are all considered website traffic drivers.

Promote Blog Posts and Videos on Quuu

Quuu is a great curated content discovery tool for social media. The platform allows you to choose interest options from 500+ categories and offers recommended posts that have been selected by professionals. It also supports integration with Buffer and Hootsuite. One account can use the service for free, more advanced subscription plans start at $5 per month. 

Republish Old Articles on LinkedIn

Back to content update! If you have a post that was previously shown only on Twitter or on the main site, then be sure to submit it to LinkedIn as well. Do not deprive potentially interested users of invaluable information.

Use a “Question Analyzer” To Create Super Useful Content

The Frequently Asked Questions section is very much in demand and is available on almost every platform! Analyze what information your potential subscribers are most interested in and include answers to them in the article — this is what almost all great websites with most traffic do.

Add Enticing Content to Social Media Posts

Don’t just post a link to content in the hope that someone will be interested. Make your potential audience react! Add attractive pictures to each publication, describe the main ideas of the article with abstracts, using bulleted or numbered lists. And, of course, ask the audience various questions to increase the number of replays and audience reach in general.

Improve Your Organic Click-Through-Rate

Increasing Click-Through-Rate has also recently been considered a critical factor in ranking platforms on Google. Thus, the higher the CTR, the better the overall ranking of the resource according to modern search engines.
Here are some key methods to improve Click-Through-Rate for enlarging web traffic by site:

  • add different numbers to headings and subheadings;
  • work on high-quality meta tags;
  • compare the effectiveness of different headlines;
  • be sure to enter the keys and LSI-words in the URL.

Publish More List Posts

Visually, information is much better perceived in the presence of structure. Users are more likely to read to the end and appreciate an article if it has convenient paragraph breaks and bulleted and numbered lists. Thanks to BuzzSumo statistics, we found out that content with lists gets 6 times more shares than regular unstructured text. So, check website traffic for free and if the result is unsatisfactory, make sure if your content has enough listings.

Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources

Use resources that allow you to see your competitor’s web site promote points (such as SimilarWeb). With platforms like these, you can not only gauge how popular the platform is, but also explore where it gets its audience reach from – it’s a real goldmine!

Drive Traffic to Your Website from Forums

It’s too early to write off the forums, as they are a great resource for increasing traffic to your platform. You just need to become an active member of any thematic forum where you can introduce users to your platform, promoted products or services. In addition, customers who come to you from this source are likely to share their impressions with other users later, arranging excellent word-of-mouth.

Syndicate Your Content on Medium

Medium is a blogging platform that launched back in 2012. However, now the portal has become a first-class tool for attracting new users to your resource. By syndicating content with the Medium, you ensure that your potential audience is more likely to see your content and click through.

Finally, if you figured out how to check a website traffic, got specific indicators and want to improve them, then choose the appropriate techniques from those presented in the guide. And it will be even more effective to contact our marketers who will help you deal with the traffic promoting even faster!

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