Case Study: How to redesign the website, change the CMS and provide traffic growth in 3.42 times?



Online store of automotive products


May 2021-present


To implement the correct migration to a new CMS with the redesign, while minimizing the possible drop in organic traffic and positions in the TOP10.

In the best case studies, the results speak for themselves. Here Is a Sneak Peek:

Here is a shortlist of what has been achieved as a result of the successful implementation of the project:

  • Increased website traffic by 3.42 times
  • Increased the visibility of the site in Google by 2 times
  • More than 2.5k keywords in the TOP10 search results

Project issues:

The main problem on the project was an outdated site design and lack of visibility of the site for keyword phrases in google search results. Our client came to us with a request: to update the site and support the entire process in terms of SEO in order to minimize the loss of traffic and positions in the top 10.

Initial data on the project:

  • Outdated site design
  • Not expanded structure of the site
  • Significant amount of technical errors
  • Planned migration to a new CMS
  • Not optimized text blocks on pages
  • Not implemented commercial factors of the site
  • Not optimized product cards in the catalog

Project stages

Step 1: Create a new website structure

In order to solve the client’s problem, we suggested creating a modern site on a WordPress template.

During the analysis of competitors in this niche, we suggested expanding the structure of the site as much as possible, focusing on the range of products that were available in the client’s warehouse

Step 2: Creating guidelines for the correct migration to the new site

Since it was decided to change the CMS and site design, recommendations were made in order to preserve the organic traffic during the migration as much as possible.
The following recommendations were made:

  • Correct copying and saving old URLs of the site;
  • Transfer of text blocks;
  • Correct copying and saving of metadata and headings;
  • Copying and saving analytics system codes and tracking codes;
  • Recommendations were made to expand the structure of the updated site;
  • Recommendations for improving the product cards in terms of descriptions, technical characteristics, as well as the quality of the photos of products;
  • Recommendations on a number of important commercial factors.

All these recommendations were implemented on a test hosting, which was previously closed from indexing by search engines.

Step 3: Analysis of the website on test hosting

Once the updated site is ready with all our recommendations on the test hosting, we made a complete analysis of the site and made technical recommendations to fix all the important points in terms of SEO.

Additional recommendations were made for:

  • Implementation of micro data markup (Product, Bread crumbs, Products list, Organization and Local Business, Site Navigation Element) and so on;
  • Implementation of a new robots.txt file;
  • Implementation of updated sitemap.xml file;
  • Revamping of product’s cards (adding the “Buy” button, a detailed description, adding characteristics, adding good quality images, listing and displaying the rating of products);
  • Implementation of an updated shopping cart on the project;
  • Development of the footer of the site;
  • Development of the page “Contacts” (adding all the necessary contact information, adding maps, the implementation of telephone numbers and e-mail);
  • Elimination of technical errors;
  • Creating and adding pages (About Us, Shipping and Payment Information, Warranty, etc.).

Step 4: Collection and clustering of the semantic core.

After implementing the new site structure, it was necessary to collect and cluster keywords. After collecting and clustering keywords, a system was set up to track their positions in Google search results.

Step 5: Creating metadata and technical guidelines for texts.

After collecting the semantic core, we compiled metadata for the main internal pages of the site and categories, metadata templates were created for product cards, and we prepared technical specifications for copywriters to write new optimized texts based on the collected semantic core.

Step 6: Additional project analysis.

After the implementation of all of the work described above, a secondary audit was performed.
It is very important to make sure that all errors have been corrected and technical requirements have been implemented before releasing the new site.


  1. Increased website traffic by 3.42 times
  2. Increased the visibility of the site in Google by 2 times
  3. More than 2.5k keywords in the TOP10 search result

The dynamics of organic traffic from Google Analytics:

Site visibility dynamics according to Serpstat tool:

Traffic dynamics according to Serpstat tool:

Distribution of phrases by position in search engine results:

Keyword visibility dynamics:

Keyword phrase positions in search engine results according to the Topvisor tool:


When upgrading or developing a new site, it is very important to involve SEO specialists to support this process. This approach will not only provide all the important nuances in terms of SEO, which will minimize the drop in traffic to the site in the process of migration to a new CMS. But also ensure the correct indexation and ranking in the future of the updated site, while saving the client’s budget for further modifications for SEO promotion. After updating this site we managed not only to keep the existing traffic on the site but also with the right approach to get a gradual positive monthly dynamics of organic traffic growth and get keywords in the top 1-10 positions of Google organic search results

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