SEO Case Study: How To Boost Up Your Web Traffic In More Than 5 Times


SEO promotion


Promotion of a manufacture of plastic PVC windows and doors


April 2019 – present time


To increase search traffic and to make priority keywords take the top positions of Google search results.


  • Monthly traffic from organic search increased 5.86 times
  • The number of keywords in the TOP10 of Google has increased 8.8 times

Project issues:

The website had a badly organized structure (small number of landing pages) and lack of commercial factors on the site. So we offered to change the design of the site and to move to another CMS.
Below you can see what was done at the very beginning of our cooperation:

  • a new website structure was built
  • recommendations on commercial factors and look of the landing pages of the site were given
  • a technical audit of the site was carried out
  • an analysis of the backlinklinks,in order not to not to lose previously received links, as well as competitor analysis was done.

As a result of all analisis and checks,we identified website weaknesses that may result in no growth in organic traffic and a small number of conversions.

Initial data on the project:

  • Poorly designed website structure
  • Not implemented commercial factors of the site
  • Unattractive design of landing pages
  • No microdata markup on the site
  • Significant amount of technical errors
  • Planned migration to a new CMS
  • Change of the website design

Project stages

Step 1: Collection and clustering of the semantic core, development of a new site structure.

Initially, the project had a minimum number of landing pages; the site did not display all the services provided by the company. Based on this, we have collected a large target semantic core. On the basis of the clustered semantic core, we built a new website structure, in which all the produced products and provided services were indicated.
New website structure:

Step 2: Creating metadata and technical specifications for writing of texts for new landing pages.

Based on the collected semantic core, we compiled metadata for the landing pages and we prepared technical specifications for copywriters to write new texts for all pages of the website.

Step 3: Choosing a CMS for site migration.

Initially, the website used the WIX platform, which has bad functionality for further work and promotion of the website in search engines. It was decided to use the well-known and easier-to-use WP engine.
Below you can see the dynamics of traffic from search engines before RegisTeam started working on the project (it does not exceed 30 unique visitors per day):

Additional recommendations were made for:

Step 4: Development of a new design of website pages.

We made an analysis of competitors that take TOP positions for the high frequency keywords of this region, and developed a new design for website pages. Such elements as call-to-action buttons and forms were added. Also we focused on commercial factors of the project.

Step 5: Migration to a new CMS

After all the preparation work was done, the site was moved to a new CMS with a new design. As usual, the migration is always reflected on organic traffic from search engines. And this project was no exception.

Moving to a new CMS:

As we can see in the graphics above the traffic dropped, but then it boosted and got the positive dynamics.

Step 6: Additional website technical analysis.

After the website migration, a second technical analysis was carried out to verify the correctness of the migration and eliminate possible errors on the new version of the website.

Step 7: External optimization of the project.

After the website migration and correcting of all technical issues, we started external optimization of the project, because it is an important point for promoting in search engines. We did competitors’ backlinks analysis and made a plan to increase the quality of the backlinks.

Backlinks Dynamics:


Organic traffic from Google (as this search engine is a priority for this region) increased.
Below you can see organic search traffic growth:

Update from 04 October, 2021:
Monthly traffic from organic search increased 5.86 times (from 373 to 2,185 visits per month):

The number of queries in the TOP10 of Google has increased 8.8 times since the beginning of 2020:

Traffic dynamics according to Serpstat tool:

Keywords dynamics:

Keywords positions:


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