Case Study: How We Increased The Amount Of Search Traffic For The Psychology Studio By 300 Times In 9 Months


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Psychology studio


September 2019 – present time


Provide a growth of search targeted traffic


The SEO campaign results: We took traffic from 68 visitors per month to 25,000 in just 9x months

How did we manage to do this? Check out just 6 steps of effective SEO strategy!

Project issues

  • Increase the authority of the website;
  • Increase the visibility of pages in search engines;
  • Bring the website to the TOP for priority keywords;
  • Ensure stable growth of search traffic;
  • Increase the monthly number of applications.

Initial data on the project:

Client: Studio of female, family and gestalt psychology.

Target audience: Women aged 25-44, having average and above average income, small business owners or housewives, being in a relationship or wishing to build one. Interested in personal development.

At the time of contacting the RegisTeam in September 2019, the site was not in the visible part of Google search results. The maximum number of website users was 68 per month . The main traffic sources were direct links (about 50%).


  • The young age of the domain name. Registration date is 24 June, 2018
  • Lack of external optimization
  • Backlinks were not build
  • High competition in the niche
  • Distribution of semantic core into commercial / non-commercial and targeted / non-targeted groups. The keywords check showed that most of the keywords are non-commercial and are not used by our target audience. It turned out that users entered these keywords not to search for services, but to search for educational materials.

Here below you can see the results of keywords check in Moscow city, which is one of the most competitive regions.

After analyzing the niche and competitors, it was decided to use inbound marketing as the main promotion strategy. It’s a method of attracting users by useful content adapted to the needs of potential customers.

Project stages

Step 1: Complex SEO audit

At the first stage, we did a deep analysis of the website. In particular, it was an analysis of:

  • Technical condition
  • Structure
  • Semantic core
  • Quality of internal optimization
  • Usability
  • Search engine sanctions presence

There were found the following errors:

  • A number of technical errors
  • Outdated seo plugin (replaced by WordPress)
  • Lack of internal links
  • Lack of microdata mark-up
  • Poor quality of content optimization, such as lack of interlinking and important keywords in the texts.

What we did:

  • Technical errors were fixed
  • Metadata was optimized
  • The structure of the site was changed. It was rebuilt in accordance with the keywords for which we planned to promote the project

Step 2. Competitive audit

The analysis showed extremely high competition in this niche. In addition to direct competitor, such as psychology studios and specialists in private practice, this list includes:

  • Online services for searching for a doctor and making an appointment for patients (for example,,,;
  • Information websites and portals that publish information that the client is interested in (for example,,;
  • Narrow-focused medical centers;
  • Multifunctional clinics.

Step 3: Development of a promotion strategy

After a detailed analysis of the niche, inbound marketing was chosen as the basis of the promotion strategy. In the sphere of psychological services, it is not easy to clearly separate informational and commercial keywords, since each keyword can be both at the same time. Moreover, information traffic is often converted into requests as well as commercial traffic. Therefore, it was decided to work in two directions at once.

Step 4: Upgrade of the blog

The semantic core is a set of keywords and phrases that describe the main idea of the website. They are used in meta tags, snippets, titles, texts and interlinking. On their basis, the website structure and text content are built. They also beacone for web crawlers when indexing pages for relevant site keywords.
Keywords are classified according to the following parameters:

  • Analysis of blog entry points;
  • Competitor content analysis;

During the first 7 months of work,we tried to add from 5 to 10 new articles to the blog per month. Since March 2020, the frequency of publications has been reduced to 1-3 per month. All materials were checked for compliance with Google’s guidelines for assessors and were evaluated according to the E-A-R criteria (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

Each article was placed in interest groups in social networks. This provided social feedback and fast indexing.

A blog is an underestimated source of traffic for medical and psychological websites. Often it is kept “in one hand”, with no elaboration of a content plan, building a semantic core, optimization and simple analyzing.

Also, each article was provided with links to other blog materials and links to services relevant to the context of the article. We did not try to include a keyword into the text of the link. Following the link was the main goal.

Step 5: Technical improvements in the blog

In addition to filling the blog with expert, high-quality optimized content and interlinking, we have improved the functionality of the page:

  • Each article was added with the name and photo of the author to promote the brand
  • Provide the ability to leave comments to the articles
  • Added an application form to the sidebar of each article
  • Set up a page view count
  • Added “Related Materials” block to article pages
  • Pop-up widget with a ‘Send to Messenger’
  • Created an adaptive web version
  • Added social sharing button widgets in mobile version

Consistently, without any fake engagement, by implementing all these changes, we managed to:

  • Significantly improve behavioral factors;
  • Increase brand awareness.

Step 6: Work with other sections of the website

6.1. For service pages, we built a semantic core consisting of target keywords and based on it we wrote meta tags and optimized texts.
We received the following intermediate results after 5 months of work:

6.2. We created a page with feedbacks for people who got consultations and participated in events

6.3. To popularize the brand and attract the target audience to the services of our client, several free of charge trainings were created. We fixed a banner leading to a page of training in the header of the site, and added links to them in almost every blog post.


We received the first results of increase in search traffic on the site after 3 months of promotion work started. Within 9 months, the number of visitors to the blog increased 300 times.

Site visibility dynamics according to Serpstat tool:

The increase in the visibility of the site, as expected, led to an increase in organic traffic

Google Analytics data:

At the moment, the average number of clicks from the search is 25,000 visitors per month:

Search traffic increased by 86.25%. As it was 7.65% at the start and became 93.9% at present.

Search engines click traffic:

A few more indicators that confirm the correctness of the chosen promotion strategy:

Blog dynamics for 01 April, 2020 to 30 April, 2020:

Google Search Console data:

An article from the blog left behind similar publications on BabyBlog, Yandex Zen and

And the most important result is how all the implemented changes and the work affected lead generation.
Several goals (click on pop-up banners, click to instant messengers, click to the landing page) to track conversion growth were set up on the website.

As a result, we received a significant increase of conversions that came from search engines:

Achieved goals within the last 28 days (April/May 2020)


Inbound marketing in general and lead generation using a blog in particular is an extremely time-consuming process. It involves a long cycle of converting random visitors into regular readers, brand fans and customers. This process includes the continuous hard work of a whole team of specialists: marketers, seo-specialists, copywriters, designers, analysts.

The scenario when “we create a blog, write content and just in a month we will receive hundreds of applications” is impossible in the real world. Unfortunately, writing useful expert content is not enough to make a site get the TOP of Google. It is necessary to adapt the website into a web crawler friendly one.

Important points for blog promotion:

  • Creation of high-quality content that is most relevant to the needs of the target audience, its effective design on the page (easy-to-read format, original images in the preview and in the text).
  • Highlighting of priority articles that are already generating traffic and have growth potential.
  • Building the broadest possible semantic core (including semantically relevant words (LSI)), clustering them according to the level of commercial request.
  • Adding links to service pages with a call to the click button (the main goal of all the work is getting more requests).

Optimization of the content, using key phrases as naturally as possible. The meaning, usefulness and readability of the material is always a priority.

The promotion of the project has been currently ongoing.

What we have been doing systematically:

  • analyzing of competitors;
  • performing of interlinking as the blog is filled with content;
  • optimizing of meta tags;
  • increasing of external links exclusively in a natural way;
  • constantly looking for new ideas to improve the functionality of the site and the growth points.

What we are going to do next:

  • Demand analysis and trend analysis
  • Collection of new relevant keywords
  • External link building and outreach.
  • Involvement of new channels for driving the traffic, such as YouTube, social networks, forums and other websites.
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