Case Study: How We Drive 800% More Search Traffic To Online Store Of Car Accessories


SEO promotion


Online store of car accessories


September 2019 – present time


To increase targeted traffic and to make priority keywords take the top positions of Google search results


  • Traffic from search engines increased many times: from 493 to 4625 visits.

Project issues:

Initially, we performed a complex audit of the site including: a search audit, a technical audit, a backlinks audit and an audit of commercial factors. Thereunder, all the problems and pitfalls hindering the ranking and promotion of the project were identified. Based on the data obtained, we developed a strategy for further SEO promotion of the website.

Initial data on the project:

  • Multiple technical errors identified during the preliminary SEO audit
  • Poor website structure
  • Low quality pages with auto-generated content
  • Problems with indexing
  • Many duplicate pages in the index that were generated by the CMS
  • Aggressive competition

Project stages

Step 1: Optimization of product cards and their indexing.

One of the problems for SEO optimization of such a large e-commerce website is its indexing in search engines. A promoted website is a source with over 20,000 URLs. So the first thing we did was to manage the site to use the “sitemap index file”, which is very similar in format to a regular sitemap, but includes other sitemaps. All of that helped to index the maximum number of pages:

SEO for websites of auto accessories takes too long to go from page to page, optimizing meta data and text for each product.

Dynamic SEO is more efficient and faster. This strategy includes dynamic optimization of page titles and meta descriptions. By using conversion keywords in template tags we got quick growth of organic search traffic driven to product cards. Therefore, our next step was to analyze the competitors from SERP. Based on this, we compiled a meta description template for typical pages.

Step 2: Content optimization and convertating of dynamic pages into static.

Search engines have always had strict requirements for content. If search bots realize that your site uses auto-generated content, then this can be a significant stumbling block that will not allow the website to take high positions in the search results. It is this typical mistake of large projects that we found on the website

By removing the auto-generated content, we got the first positive results:

An online store with perfectly optimized filter pages is a rare thing. Although, this functionality has great potential in receiving traffic, since by optimizing the filter pages, you can receive traffic for mid-frequency and low-frequency keywords.

Instead of only searching for auto part names and numbers, users are more likely to search for more specific long-tail terms that include the make and model of their car. For example, someone who is looking to replace brake pads and rotors will most likely not find the desired result by using broad keywords “brake pads” and “rotors”. Instead, people usually use such keyword as “2007 Toyota Camry brake pads and rotors” or a phrase that is specific to any car they own.

An important part of automotive SEO is optimizing titles and page content in accordance with long tail keywords. In order to quickly take high positions in the search results, we first optimized keywords related to particular cars.

Proper optimization of filter pages drove new and high converting traffic to the site:

Step 3: Page speed optimization for the best results of automotive SEO.

Most often, people looking for automotive products are on the road and use their mobile phones to search for car spare parts. That’s why fast page speed is critical to your user experience and mobile search rankings. At the initial stage the page speed of this site was extremely low:

Using technical methods of automotive search engine optimization, we have solved these problems and made the speed of this website user-friendly.

Step 4: Category pages optimization and work with CTR

In order to increase the CTR, relevant meta tags using Unicode characters were written for all pages of the site. This had a positive effect on the number of site visitors.

Optimization of relevant meta tags and the h1 header for all indexed pages of the site significantly increase the number of the website visitors. And CTR (click-through rate) always has a positive dynamics:

Step 5: Work with external ranking factors

At the moment, we managed to place not so many links, as the work was focused on fixing technical errors, working with content and creating a logical structure for the automotive site. Also, when promoting sites, we always rely more on the internal component of the site, such as commercial and content factors, rather than on the link buying. However, maintaining link growth is always a good thing.

The number of incoming links and the graph of the growth of referring pages according to Serpstat:

Step 6: Automotive SEO: ongoing works

After analyzing the competitors’ keywords, it became clear that we needed to broaden our keyword profile in order to rank. It is important to use phrases that may increase the number of keywords for which the site is ranked. For this we implemented pages for the most priority regions:

Thus, we optimize our core for a specific toponym. Optimization of such pages look like this: regions:

Category + City Name
Goods + City Name
Filter page + City Name

*These works are at the implementation stage.


Results achieved to date:
The dynamics of the website positions by Google
The dynamics of the website positions by Google at the beginning of cooperation (31/10/2019):

The dynamics of the website positions by Google at the beginning of cooperation (11/01/2021):

Changes in organic traffic over the entire period of work:

The graph clearly shows the negative dynamics, due to the fact that the site does not have any products that are in demand in the winter. So there is a traffic decline during these periods, though there are methods to maintain traffic in positive dynamics even during the low season. But the client paused SEO promotion during the winter period. And then start the promotion again at the beginning of the season. But this has a negative effect on the promotion and we do not recommend making such decisions, since we lose valuable time trying to recover organic traffic.

The graph shows that since July there has been a stagnation in traffic, before which there was a drop. This happened due to the fact that the programmers restructured the logic of URLs building. They removed the block “ /shop/compare”, and implemented it through “ /shop/”. Therefore, part of the pages with items was lost.

During our cooperation, we managed to make many high-frequency keywords take TOP positions in Google:

As a result of the optimization work performed, traffic from search engines was increased several times: from 493 to 4625 visits:

data from 01/01/2019 - 12/31/2020
comparison of January 2019 and December 2020


The main task for our company was to improve website ranking for highly competitive keywords in Google’s organic search results. We have done tremendous work, the result of which was a growth of targeted traffic and an increase of incoming orders.

Project development plans:

  1. Creation of location pages.
  2. Implementation of the FAQ page for getting extended traffic.
  3. Creation of more complete informational content.
  4. Rewrite the texts on the pages describing brands, models and services and add commercial offers with a call to action.
  5. Create a natural link profile of the website using various sites with the target business audience, such as specialized online publications, social networks, forums, etc.


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